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  Sulema Fernandez-Honn   Amor First was first conceptualized by Sulema Fernandez-Honn from her love of art and fashion. 

Inspired by feminine beauty, music, family and love she began to develop a way to bring her inspirations to the world around her...

...and thus, Amor First was born. A fresh, unique and passionate take on the world of handbags, accessories and apparel.

Sulema graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from The American College for the Applied Arts in Los Angeles, California and has had extensive experience in the creative field.

For the past 15 years, Sulema's work experience has covered a wealth of areas; including the Cosmetics Industry, Fashion Design, Costume Design, Ready-to-Wear, and Visual Merchandising.

In addition to the handbags she creates, her personal artwork has been sold to private collectors and continues to gain recognition throughout the world.


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